sociology optional course

Sociology Online Course For CSE 2023

Faculty: Pranay Aggarwal

Validity: Till 31-12-22 OR 2023 Mains

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Sociology Online Course at IAS Gurukul replicates the sociology classroom coaching experience for the online students who are unable to visit Delhi for classroom coaching. Online course helps students save on high costs of accommodation, etc., the hassles of shifting in Delhi and access same high quality lectures, personal guidance, regular doubts clearing and answer writing practice as the classroom students.

Sociology Online Course at IAS Gurukul includes the following features:

  • FULL SYLLABUS COVERAGE:Course includes detailed discussions on all topics of the Sociology Optional UPSC/IAS syllabus. It is ensured that no syllabus topic/portion is left untouched or covered in a hurry or partially. Each and every topic in UPSC Sociology syllabus is covered in detail by Sir in the lectures.


  • EMPHASIS ON CONCEPTUAL CLARITY:Sociological concepts and theories form the backbone of the discipline. It is ensured that each student has absolute clarity of the basics and theories.
  • CURRENT EXAMPLES, LATEST STUDIES AND REPORTS: Answers in UPSC Sociology papers are greatly enriched by incorporating examples from the current affairs, data from government reports and latest sociological studies. All these are shared with the students during the lectures.
  • STRATEGIC DISCUSSIONS:regarding how to attempt the questions so as to maximize one's score.
  • VALIDITY Till 31-12-22 OR 2023 Mains:Every Online student will be given access to the sociology lectures for the chosen period of validity. We understand that a student may need to revise some of the lectures after the completion of the classes or nearer to the Mains exam date, hence the comfortably long course validity period.
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO & AUDIO: All lectures are recorded using high quality equipment to ensure seamless sharing with the online students. High quality technology ensures that video and sound quality is very clear so that online students can almost feel a part of the discussions.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT:Students will have round the clock access to technical help on standby to ensure seamless, high quality data transfer.


  • 1 ON 1 INTERACTION AND PERSONAL GUIDANCE: Pranay Sir encourages each student to discuss his/ her doubts, preparation strategy, answer writing skills and difficulty in preparation on phone/ WhatsApp. Online students may also meet Sir in person for any doubts clarification or guidance during their visits to Delhi.
  • REGULAR DOUBTS CLEARING: Every online student is encouraged to clarify any pending doubts with Sir on a regular basis. Each student may clarify any doubts, whether big or small, with Pranay Sir regularly. Any student may clarify his/ her doubts with Sir on phone or Whatsapp.
  • DAILY REVISION: In every lecture, Sir recaptures the previous day's lecture for effective and continuous learning. Daily revision ensures that the entire Sociology syllabus is completed not only in the course but also for each student individually.
  • REGULAR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE: After each topic, Pranay Sir shares previous year's UPSC Sociology questions from that topic with students. He also gives some new, expected questions based on his analysis of current trends. Every online student is encouraged to write answers and submit to Sir for checking. Regular answer writing practice ensures that the student is able to write Sociology optional answers as per the demands of the UPSC examination and score well.

  • 4 FULL LENGTH, UPSC PATTERN TESTS: Online students will also be tested through 4 full length, UPSC pattern tests. Each of these tests will be of 3 hours duration. The difficulty level and pattern of each of the tests will be similar to that of the actual UPSC Sociology papers. Tests will be checked thoroughly and marks awarded on each question. Detailed feedback will be given to improve the answers and every student will be advised on how to score higher marks in the UPSC Sociology papers.
  • ACCESS TO LIVE / RECORDED LECTURES: Every lecture is available for live/ recorded viewing. After attending or viewing the live / recorded lecture, student may discuss the topic on phone with Sir for greater clarity.
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  • COMPREHENSIVE STUDY MATERIAL: All topics in the UPSC Sociology syllabus and topics from which questions are expected are covered in our detailed, comprehensive and updated study material. The study material includes theory and basics as well as latest case studies, relevant news reports, authentic government data and commentary on recent events.
  • LIFELONG ASSOCIATION: Every enrolled online course student is encouraged to stay in touch with Sir and the institute and clarify any doubts even after the completion of the syllabus.

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    Jagrati Awasthi, IAS, AIR 2, CSE 2020

    Approach Pranay Aggarwal Sir, ask him about the doubts because you should not leave any kind of conceptual problem. Whenever you have any doubts, you can approach him, call him or meet him…Thank you, IAS Gurukul.


    Meera K, IAS, All India Rank 6, CSE 2020

    To all the students of IAS Gurukul, you have a very good mentor and very good system in place there.. I think that is exactly what is required for sociology.


    Maithreyi Naidu, IFS, All India Rank 27, CSE 2020

    I wish the students of IAS Gurukul all the very best in CSE. You have Sir here. You can always access him and try to get your doubts cleared. You have classes going on, you have material. Ask Sir how you can improve your answer writing.


    Vinayak Chamadia, IAS, All India Rank 47, CSE 2020

    Pranay Sir has quite a lot of experience teaching sociology. He has mentored a lot of students. So follow whatever he tells and you will succeed. Thank you, Sir.


    Adarsh Shukla, IPS, AIR-149, CSE 2020

    Sir’s methodology of those three steps - that is quite critical and i found that very instrumental. I’ll just say that utilize that experience that you are having in this institution. Thank you.


    Shrikant Yashvant, IAS, AIR-335, CSE 2020

    IAS Gurukul is a very prestigious mentorship program. I have seen Pranay Sir’s attitude towards the aspirants.Thank you very much IAS Gurukul and thank you very much Pranay Sir.


    Kavali Meghana, IAS, AIR-83, CSE 2020

    To all the students of IAS Gurukul, all the efforts that Sir and you guys are putting will only show when you have constant tests…So get in touch with Sir, write and present well. Thank you very much, Sir.


    Sanjita Mohapatra, IAS, AIR-10, CSE 2020

    To all the students of IAS Gurukul, you have taken a very good decision. If you are studying here, you have a mentor. Use that mentor judiciously. He knows so much. Extract as much as you can. Thank you so much, IAS Gurukul.


    Shrestha Anupam, IAS, All India Rank 19, CSE 2019

    To the students of IAS Gurukul, I wish you a bright future ahead. I agree with whatever Pranay Sir does, they definitely work in the examination. Definitely answer writing is a very important part of this examination.


    Ruchi Bindal, IAS, All India Rank 39, CSE 2019

    I wish the students of IAS Gurukul all the best. Have faith in yourself, have faith in the teacher. The teacher is there after a lot of experience.. So listen to the teacher’s experience. There is interaction in the class.


    Harshit Kumar, IAS, All India Rank 150, CSE 2019

    IAS Gurukul is a very reputed coaching institute for sociology. Sir has taught for a lot of years and has been giving consistent results throughout. I recommend you listen to what he is teaching, ask your doubts and write a lot of tests.


    Jasmeet Sandhu, IAS, All India Rank 3, CSE 2015

    You require good mentors, right? I have had Pranay Aggarwal Sir as an overall mentor. I have utilized his understanding in test series. Teachers like Pranay Sir have given me an overall mentorship.


    Amrita Banerjee, Indian Foreign Service, All Indian Rank 110, CSE 2015

    Pranay Sir and his team are doing commendable work as mentors. Pranay Sir gives individual and personalized attention to each student. He is a very approachable person. You can anytime walk up to his room and clarify your doubts.


    Sharnga Pani, Sr. Deputy Collector, SDM Office, Muzaffarpur District, Bihar

    I joined sociology classroom course of Pranay Aggarwal Sir in 2015. I will recommend his classes to those taking up sociology optional. I greatly benefited from his guidance. After 5 years of my coaching, I am still in touch with Sir.


    Gundala Reddy Raghavendra, IPS, All India Rank 180, CSE 2018

    I will strongly recommend those who have science background like me to take sociology optional in IAS Gurukul. I thank Pranay Sir. He personally mentored me and did not hesitate to help me till last few days of my journey.


    Rohan Apurv Sinha, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

    Hands down the best sociology optional teacher you would get. He makes you think and not just teach. Best thing is he is available anytime...just call him or ping him, he'll be there and not just for sociology but for whole preparation.


    Akhila, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

    I took the online classes. I must say it's really worth of it. It's a 5 🌟 from my side. Sir's dedication and commitment towards the class is 10 on 10.


    Abhinav Pareek, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

    Sociology is a subject of diverse opinions and Sir surely knows that. He has holistically covered all the topics, his Class never feels like a burden. I'm glad I studied from sir.


    Dr. Lovely Chaudhary, IAS Gurukul's Online Sociology Course Student, 2020

    Being a medical student, I was very unsure whether my choice of sociology as an optional subject for UPSC was good. But Pranay Sir has made studying sociology a cakewalk. Thank you so much for making it so easy Sir.


    Manika Upadhyaya, IAS Gurukul student in 2018

    My experience at IAS Gurukul was marvellous. I enjoyed as well as learnt a lot about Society in a short span of time. Sir explains topics really well, provides questions regularly and dictates notes wherever necessary.

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