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Why to choose Sociology optional for UPSC Exam

Optional subject in UPSC exam is of 500 marks out of the total. So choosing right optional is very important to find your name in final UPSC selection list. Sociology optional is a safer optional and popular optional subject in civil services examination since past many years. Many students have cleared UPSC civil services examination with sociology optional. It can fetch 315 to 350 marks in UPSC mains examination. It is helpful even at the time of UPSC civil services interview as well as post selection field work.
Some of important parameters one should remember while choosing sociology as optional subject in UPSC civil services examination.

Does it require any academic background in Sociology to choose as optional?

No special academic background is needed- sociology optional is nothing but briefly a study of society which we are part of. unlike the optional subjects related to the field of science or engineering, sociology optional can be prepared by student of any academic background easily. It doesn’t need any pre existing knowledge base or specialised qualification in the subject.

How does it fare when compared to other optionals?

Concise and small syllabus- compared to other optional subjects like geography, history, political science and international relations; sociology as optional has short and concise syllabus. Hence, one can cover it in limited times with multiple revisions.

How much can we score in Sociology Optional?

Easy to score well- score of optional subject is deciding factor whether you will be in the final list of UPSC civil services results or not. Sociology optional can fetch average of 270 marks even 310-320 in many cases. Which is the most important aspect to clear civil services examination.

Does opting Sociology as optional helps me in GS Papers ?

Helps in general studies papers- some elements of sociology optional are present in GS paper 1 for example Indian society- women's empowerment, social empowerment, communalism, socialism, urbanisation and globalisation etc. Hence you don't need to cover it separately you can cover it while studying sociology optional,only so that in the remaining time you can prepare some other topic.

Does Sociology optional helps in Essay Paper also?

Sociology optional Helps in essay- essay paper is again most dynamic, important to score good paper which needs understanding of various Indian and global aspects. Sociology as optional provides wider dimensions and diverse viewpoints. You can inter connect the points with the help of sociological studies, case studies, data etc. And it will help you to score good in essay. As well as you don't need to prepare for essay differently.

What about Personality Test? Does Sociology offer any advantage here?

Sociology optional helps in interview of UPSC CSE- awareness about problems of society, various social issues and their impact on governance will make you give impressive answers during interview. It can also-ran help you to make good analysis and diverse viewpoints about any topic.

What about the resources and content in the market regarding Sociology optional?

Quality content and large number of resources available- Unlike optional like management physics, engineering very less UPSC study material is available, in case of sociology optional there are many books like Ritzer, Haralambos, IGNOU study material etc. Many selected candidates have written single book regarding syllabus of sociology. So it will help you in your preparation.

How easily can one understand and master this subject?

Sociology optional can be Mastered easily with 3-4 months of well guided preparation- There so many good concise books and notes available with which you can master it in 3-4 months. Also you can allot a significant time for or revision purposes and answer writing.

Are there any common areas between Paper I and Paper II of Sociology optional?

Overlaps in paper 1 and paper 2 of sociology optional itself- there are lot many topics which are common for both paper 1 and paper 2 for example religion, kinship, social movements etc. Hence it will consume short period to cover these topics as you can cover those topics of two papers simultaneously in one go. So, to conclude one can say that sociology optional is interesting, easy to study and easy to score optional which one can choose to clear UPSC civil services Examination with good rank.

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